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Practitioner Research

Beacon staff are continually reflecting and refining their skills.  Practitioner research is used as an approach for teachers to gain more in-depth understanding of pedagogical approaches and to evaluate the impact of the school programmes.


The research in the school focuses on evaluating the impact of programmes and the value-add of technology-enabled learning spaces in developing our present generation to have the required knowledge, skills, attributes, values and dispositions for the future. 

Besides evaluating the technology-enriched curriculum, the school will study the necessary structures, systems, work processes and review mechanisms which are essential to the implementation of learning environments that pervasively use existing technological tools and test-bed emerging Interactive and Digital Media (IDM)-based tools and technologies. The programme also aims to develop informed practitioners.

Teachers are encouraged to share their research findings with local and foreign educators at both local and overseas sharing platforms. Sharing our reflections and findings enables us to honour our role as a pathfinder and contribute to the education fraternity. Several teachers have also presented at various international conferences.