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School Family Education






While the school provides the foundations through formal education, parents are significant figures in the lives of the child and have a primary influence on their children’s total development. School and parents, each has an important role to play in the holistic development of the child so that the child is not only grounded in basics, but also rooted in values and, at the same time, equipped with the 21st Competencies to be a Self-Directed Learner, Active Contributor, Confident Person and Concerned citizen, who is able to contribute to make a difference.


Studies have shown that parental involvement in child’s learning is a key factor in improving child’s academic attainment and achievements, as well as his/her overall behavior. Parental involvement has also been found to be a more powerful force than family background, size of family and level of parental education and has a significant effect on the child’s achievement throughout the years of schooling. To equip parents with the skills to help them better connect with and support their children, we bring family life education programme through the FamilyMatters@School programme to school. By introducing this programme in school, parents can easily get access to family life programmes that help them better connect with and support their children.  


For more information on our parenting talks and workshops, please visit our “Parenting Programme” module in our Beacon Parents Network portal.