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Schedule for Term 2

Important dates for Term 2


We would like to inform you of the important dates for this term. Please take note of the dates and brief information for school events, public and school holidays. Do look out for further information in our future correspondences to you via your child/ward as well as the school website.




26 Mar (Thu)

Start of enrichment sessions and CCAs

3 Apr (Fri)

Good Friday (public holiday)

18 Apr (Sat)

Parents’ Conference (registration details in the school website)

27 Apr (Mon)

  • P3-6 SA1 EL Paper 1 & Listening Comprehension
  • HMTL as usual. No supplementary/remedial lessons

28 Apr (Tue)

  • P3-6 SA1 MT Paper 1 & Listening Comprehension
  • No supplementary/remedial lessons

29 Apr (Wed)

  • P5 & P6 SA1 HMT Paper 1
  • Foundation Maths lessons as usual. No supplementary/remedial lessons.

30 Apr (Thu)

  • SG50 Run@Beacon
  • No enrichment/CCA till 27-May

1 May (Fri)

  • Labour Day (public holiday)

4 May (Mon)

  • P6 EL/MT Oral (2.15-4.30pm)

5 May (Tue)

P3 SA1 EL/MT Oral (during school hours)

6 May (Wed)

P4 SA1 EL/MT Oral (2.15-4.30pm)

7 May (Thu)

P5 SA1 EL/MT Oral (2.15-4.30pm)

11 May (Mon)

HMT lessons as usual

13 May (Wed)

  • P1-P2 EL Tests / P3-6 SA1 EL Paper 2
  • Foundation Maths lessons as usual

14 May (Thu)

  • P1-P2 Mathematics Tests / P3-6 SA1 Mathematics

15 May (Fri)

P1-P2 MT Tests / P3-6 SA1 MT Paper 2

18 May (Mon)

  • P3-6 SA1 Science
  • HMT lessons as usual

19 May (Tue)

  • P5-P6 SA1 HMTL Paper 2

20 May (Wed)

Foundation Maths lessons as usual

21 May (Thu)

  • No CCA/enrichment lessons

26 May (Tue)

  • Parent-Teacher Dialogue Day for P1-P5 classes
  • E-learning day for P1-P5 pupils only (no school for these pupils)
  • P6 pupils have lessons as usual and dismissed at 1.30pm

27 May (Wed)

Foundation Maths lessons as usual

28 May (Thu)

Last CCA/enrichment/supplementary/remedial lessons for Term 2

30 May (Fri)

Last day of Term 2

31 May – 4/5 Jun

Overseas Learning Journey to Sarawak and China (for selected P5 pupils)

1 Jun (Mon)

Vesak Day (public holiday)

29 Jun (Mon)

Start of Term 3