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Schedule for Term 4

Important dates for Term 4


We would like to inform you of the important dates for this term. Please take note of the dates and brief information for school events, public and school holidays. Do look out for further information in our future correspondences to you via your child/ward as well as the school website or the Beacon Parents’ Network 




12 Sep (Mon)

  Hari   Raya Haji (Public holiday)

15 Sep (Thu)

  No   CCAs, enrichment and all other after-school activities

16 Sep (Fri)

  PSLE Listening Comprehension examination   (EL & MT)

  No school for P1-P5 students

  Mid-Autumn Festival cum Beacon Family   Day

19 Sep (Mon)

  HMT   as usual

22 Sep (Thu)

  P3-P5   enrichment (2.00-3.00pm) and CCAs (3.30-5.30pm)

26 Sep (Mon)

  P4   SA2 EL/MT Oral (pm)

27 Sep (Tue)

  P2   EL/MT Oral (am)

29 Sep (Thu)

  PSLE   Written Examinations (EL)

  P3-P5   enrichment (2.00-3.00pm) and CCAs (3.30-5.30pm)

30 Sep (Fri)

  PSLE   Written Examinations (Mathematics)

3 Oct (Mon)

  PSLE   Written Examinations (Mother Tongue)

4 Oct (Tue)

  PSLE   Written Examinations (Science)

5 Oct (Wed)

  PSLE   Written Examinations (Higher Mother Tongue)

6 Oct (Thu)

  Honours   Day cum Children’s Day Celebrations

  Last   CCA session

7 Oct (Fri)

  Children’s Day (School Holiday)

10 Oct (Mon)

  P5   SA2 EL Oral (pm)

11 Oct (Tue)

  P5   SA2 HMT Paper 1

12 Oct (Wed)

  P3   SA2 EL/MT Oral (am)

  P5   SA2 MT e-Oral (pm) – Day 1

13 Oct (Thu)

  P5   SA2 MT e-Oral (pm) – Day 2

14 Oct (Fri)

  P5   SA2 HMT Paper 2

17-20 Oct


  PSLE Marking Exercise (no school for   all students)

  LS Camp (for selected students)

24 Oct – 3 Nov

  P1-P5   SA2 tests/examinations

28 Oct (Fri)

  Early   dismissal for Hindu students and staff

31 Oct (Mon)

  School   Holiday in lieu of Deepavali on Sat, 29 Oct

1 Nov (Tue)

  Start   of Health Screening Exercise for students

9 Nov (Wed)

  Admin Day (no school for all   students)

14 Nov (Mon)

  P6   Graduation Ceremony (pm)

15 Nov (Tue)

  Parent-Teacher Meeting for all P1-P5   parents

  No school for all students

16 Nov (Wed)

  No school for P6 students only (P1-P5   attend school as usual)

17 Nov (Thu)

  9th   Beacon Awards Ceremony

18 Nov (Fri)

  P1   Orientation Day

  End   of 2016 Academic Year