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Schedule for Term 1

Important dates for Term 1


We would like to inform you of the important dates for this term. Please take note of the dates and brief information for school events, public and school holidays. Do look out for further information in our future correspondences to you via your child/ward as well as the school website or the Beacon Parents’ Network







4-6   Jan, Mon-Wed

P5   Adventure Camp @ MOE Labrador Adventure Centre

5   Jan, Tue

  •   Early dismissal for all students   (1.30 pm)

6   Jan, Wed

  •   P1 Initiation Ceremony (10.30am-12.00pm)   and Curriculum Talk (12.00-1.15pm)

7   Jan, Thu

  •   Temperature-taking   exercise
    •   Please ensure that all   thermometers are in good condition and bring them to school from Mon, 4 Jan   onwards
      •   Please   replace the batteries or purchase a new thermometer from the school bookshop
      •   P1 students   will be given new thermometers on Thu, 7 Jan

11   Jan, Mon

  •   Start of P5 LLP Lessons   (2.00-3.00pm) for all P5 students
  •   Start of P5 (3.00-4.00   pm)  & P6 (2.00-3.00 pm) Higher   Mother Tongue lessons

13   Jan, Wed

Start   of P5 & P6 Foundation Maths Lessons (2.00-3.30 pm)

14   Jan, Thu

  •   P2 Curriculum Talk   (8.30-10.30am)
  •   Start of P3-P5 Enrichment   Programme (2.00-3.00 pm)
  •   Start of CCAs (3.30-5.30   pm)
  •   P5 & P6 Curriculum   Talk (5.30-7.30 pm)

8   & 9 Feb,


Chinese   New Year (Public holiday)

11   Feb, Thu

No after   school activities for P6 students only

15-19   Feb


  •   P6 CA1 Week
  •   18   Feb (Thu):
    •   No after school   activities for P6 students
    •   Non-HMTL students may   resume CCAs

29   Feb, Mon

  •   P5 CA1 (Mathematics)
  •   Last LLP Lesson for P5   students

10   Mar, Thu

Last   CCA session for P6 students

11-12   Mar,


P4   Residential Camp Experience @ Beacon (More information will be given at a   later date)